Past Conference

Additives 1997

February 3-5, 1997 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Conference Sessions

The Technology and Business of a Worldwide Company, S.D. Clark, Great Lakes Chemical Corp.

Chemical Additives For Plastics: Future Outlook, C.J. Reilly, Phillips Townsend

The Next Regulatory Frontier: Environmental Endocrine Disrupters, L.B. Weisfeld, Regulatory Update. Speaker: Edward J. Wickson

A New Phosphite Antioxidant Offers Excellent Color Performance in Gamma Irradiated Polyolefins, P. Gardner, GE Specialty Chemicals

A New Class of Highly Active Phosphorus Free Processing Stabilizers for Polymers, P. Nesvadba (speaker) and C. Krohnke, Ciba Specialty Chemicals (Switzerland)

The Influence of Xenon Weatherability Tests on The Measured Stability of Polymers, R.L. Gray, R.E. Lee, B.M. Sanders, and J.M. Zenner (speaker), Great Lakes Chemical

Interactions of Hindered Amine Stabilizers During Processing and Manufacturing, K. Keck-Antoine (speaker) and H. Koch, Hoechst Celanese

A New Look at Some Old Antioxidant Chemistry, W.H. Starnes, Jr., College of William and Mary

Chemiluminescence in Evaluating The Thermal Oxidative Stability of ABS Copolymers. Part V: ABS-Coloring Agent Compositions, S.S. Parikh (speaker), Bayer Corp., and L. Zlatkevich, Customer Scientific

Polymer-Clay Hybrids, A. Usuki (speaker), A. Okada, and T. Kurauchi, Toyota Central R&D Labs (Japan)

Magnesium Hydroxide as a Filler in Polyethylene – Effects of Fatty Acid Coatings, B. Haworth (speaker), M. Gilbert and C.L. Raymond, Loughborough University of Technology (England)

Wood and Mineral Fillers For Injection Molding Grade Polypropylene, B. English (speaker), North Wood Plastics, and N. Stark, and C. Clemons, USDA Forest Products Laboratory

Plastic Parts Don’t Have To Look Like Plastics, A.R. Burgess (speaker) and R. Harris, M.A. Hanna Color

The Role of Core/shells Polymers in Plastic Toughening, R.W. Johnson, Rohm and Haas

A Review of Polyamide Toughening, V. Flaris (speaker), E. McBride and B.L. Glazer, DuPont Canada

Elastomer Toughening of Polyphenylene Sulfide, J. Masamoto, Asahi Chemical Industry (Japan)

Impact Modification of Glass Filled Nylon/PP Blends, D.H. Roberts (speaker) and R.C. Constable, Uniroyal Chemical Co.

Overview of Flame Retardants Including Magnesium Hydroxide, M.D. Walter (speaker) and M.T. Wajer, Martin Marierta

Nanocoposites: A Revolutionary New Flame Retardant Approach, J.W. Gilman (speaker), T. Kashiwagi, NIST, and J.D. Lichtenhan, Phillips Laboratory

PVC Smoke Suppression by Reductive Crosslinking: New Additives and Their Functions, W.H. Starnes, Jr. (speaker), R.D. Pike, S. Bunge, Y. Kang, A. Kim, J.A. Macko, and C.P. O’Brien, College of William and Mary

Bromine/Chlorine Synergism to Flame Retard Plastics, R.L. Markezich (speaker) and R.F. Mundhenke, Occidental Chemical

Flame Retarding Styrenics For The computer and Business Equipment Markets, S.D. Landry (speaker) and J.S. Reed, Albemarle Corp.

Copolymers of Dibromostyrene as Flame Retardants For Polyamides and Polyesters, W.R. Fielding (speaker) and J.L. Elliott, Great Lakes Chemical