Past Conference

Additives 2005

April 3-6, 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana

High-performance Additives For Top-Value Plastics

Conference Sessions

Workshop: Wood Plastics Composites
Instructors: Dr. Frank Maine and Mr. Michael Burgoyne

Session 1: End-Users Needs and Business Prospects
Moderator: Amos Golovoy, AG Research

Session 2: Advances in Stabilization Technology
Moderator: Sahar Al-Malaika, Aston University

Session 3: Functional Fillers and Specialty Additives
Moderator: Richard Clark, Luzenac America

Session 4: Performance-Based Modifiers for Engineering Polymers
Moderator: Bob Iezzi, Atofina Chemicals

Session 5: Fire Retardants and Plastics Flammability
Moderator: Charles Wilkie, Marquette University

Session 6: Advances in Wood & Natural Fibers Composites
Moderator: Frank Maine, PSA Composites