Past Conference

Compounding 1996

August 26-27, 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Conference Sessions

A Novel Method for Blending Two Polymers, E.A. Sabol and D.G. Baird, Virginia Tech.

Morphology Development During Polymer Blending, C.-K. Shih, DuPont

Blend Morphology Development and Stabilization During Dispersive Mixing, C.G. Gogos, M. Esseghir, and D.W. Yu, Stevens Institute of Technology

Striking the Balance Between Conveying Capacity and Mixing Efficiency, M. H. Mack Berstorff Corp.

The Boundary Element Model for 3-D Simulation of Mixing, P.J. Gramann and T.A. Osswald, University of Wisconsin

Efficiency Static Mixer Design, M.N. Godo, S. Halijo and J. Rosenberg, Fluid Dynamics

Parametric Analysis of Mixing in Extruders Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, E. Grald, Fluent, Inc.

Reduced Models for Flow Analysis in Twin Screw Extruders, S. Widago, Polymer Processing Institute

Measurement of Velocity Profiles in a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder, M. Chandrasekaran, S. Bakalis, and M.V. Karwe, Rutgers University

The Numerical Simulation of Flows in Stirred Reactors, V. Gurumoorthy, I.S. Hamill and I.P. Jones, AEA Technology

ABS Copolymers as Impact Modifiers for PBT, W. Hale, H. Keskkula, and D.R. Jpaul, University of Texas

Modifiers for Nylon Toughening, V. Flaris, E. McBride, and B.L. Glazer, Dupont

Residence Time Distributions in Reactive Extrusion, K. Jayarman, Michigan State University

Dissipative Mix Melting in Immiscible Polymer Blends, C.E. Scott, MIT

Screw Design of a Compounding Line for Recycling Plastics, H.N. Sangani, Welding Engineers

Impact of Additives on Processibility and Long Term Properties of Plastic Compounds, K. Keck-Antoine, M. Breitwieser, and D. Scharf, Hoechst Celanese

Design of Vacuum Section and Modeling for Foam Devolatilization, C.T. Yang and D. Bigio, University of Maryland

Techniques for Controlling Heat Generation on Intermeshing Twin Screw Extruders, F. Bobberts, Werner & Pfleiderer

Solid State Polyaddition Technology to Produce Glass Reinforced Recycled PET, H. Al-Ghatta, T. Severini, Sinco Engineering SPA, and T.F. Bash, Welding Engineers

Configuring Twin Scew Extruder to Develop Target Morphologies, W.C. Thiele, American Leistritz