Past Conference

Molding 1997

March 24-26, 1997 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Conference Sessions

Gas Assist Injection Molding: Business and Technology Update, J.A. Avery, GE Plastics

Recent Innovations and New Applications of Airmould, T. Betts, Battenfeld of America

Gas Injection Moulding Case Study, B.L. Brookshaw, Cinpres LTD

HELGA–An Innovative Approach to Gas-Assist Injection Molding, J. Hettinga, Hettinga Technologies

Alternative Advancements in Gas Assist Injection Molding, J.R. Erikson, EPCON Gas Systems, Inc

The Multi-Nozzle Gas Assist Injection Molding, B. Read, Horizon Plastics

Computer Simulation for Designing Gas Assist Injection Molding Products, Stewart Barton, C-Mold

Alliance LGC Gas Assist Process Controller, S. VanHoeck, AEGIS Technologies

The Next Generation Tiebarless Injection Molding Machines, F. Strohmaier, Engel

Servo Controlled Robotic Workcells for Injection Molding, W.W. Clarke, Automated Assemblies Corp.

Increasing Machine Performance with Innovative Technologies, J. Stewart, Husky Injection Molding Systems

Recent Advances in Machine Capability Analysis, R.A. Pitner, Nicollet Process Engineering

Velocity Control on Injection Molding Machines, J.W. Bozelli, Injection Molding Solutions, and D. Smock, Plastics World Magazine

Machine and Hot Runner Requirements for Precision, Thin Wall Molding, K. Losch, Husky Injection Molding Systems

Tooling and Molding Issues for Production of Parallel Array Fiber Optics Lenses, T.R. Erwin (speaker) and R.V. Pribanic, Pitney Bowes, Inc., J. Bruno, Apex Machine Tool, G.W. Johnson, IBM, and S.L. Spanoudis, Lexmark International

New Developments in Pulsed Mold Temperature Control for Super-Precision Molding, D.J. Seres, Injection Molding Industries

OPTOELECTRONICS: Pushing the Limits of Injection Molding, S.L. Spanoudis, Lexmark International

Rotary Co-Injection Molding, R. Discacciati and M. Dimino, Presma Corp.

Update on Co-Injection and the Combination of Co-Injection and Gas-Assist Molding, J. McRoskey, Co-Mack Technology

Co-Injection Technology for a Changing World, L. Albrecht (speaker) and S. Kolste, Bemis Corp.

A Systems Approach to Successful Multigate Co-Injection Molding, J.N. Kermet and P. Swenson, Kortec, Inc.

Insert Molding for Decorated Plastic Products, M. Terlizzi, Serigraph, Inc.

In-Mold Part Decoration Revisited, P.J. Griffin, Bayer Corp.

Preformed In-Mold Appliques, J. Christenson, Dispaly Pack

Technical Service for the 21st Century, D. Allen, J.D. Ratzlaff and M.D. Lee, Phillips Petroleum

Method and Control System for Injection Molding in Pre-Pressurized Cavity, M. Guergov, M&C Advanced Processes

The ‘FLOWMOST’ System and Its Practical Application in Injection Molding, M. Saito (speaker), S. Kukula, Y. Kataoka, and T. Nakagawa, Kobe Steel (Japan)

CORALFOAM Selective Foaming: The Added Dimension in Plastic Molding, B. Penney (speaker) and P. Clarke, Pentex (United Kingdom)

Dynamics and Control of RAM Velocity and Cavity Pressure in Injection Molding Machines, Y.L. Lee and D.B. Johnson (speaker), Southern Methodist University