Past Conference

Molding 2003

February 24-26, 2003 in New Orleans, LA

Emerging Technologies in Plastics Injection Molding

Conference Sessions

Session 1: Advances in Fluid-Assisted Injection Molding
Moderator: Jack Avery, GE Plastics

Session 2: New Developments in Co-Injection Molding
Moderator: Tom Betts, Battenfeld of America

Session 3: Advances in Injection Molding Machine Hardware & Control
Moderator: Hermann Plank, Ferromatik Milacron

Session 4: Advances in Super-Precision and Micro- Molding
Moderator: Tim Erwin, Pitney Bowes

Session 5: Emerging Molding Technologies
Moderator: Amos Golovoy, AG Research