Past Conference

Molding 2005

February 2-4, 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Vital Technologies for Business Success

Conference Sessions

Session 1: Multi-Material Molding and In-Mold Assembly
Moderator: Tom Betts, Battenfeld of America

Session 2: New Opportunities in LSR Molding
Moderator: Edmond A. Laperriere, Wacker Silicones

Session 3: Advances in Super-Precision and Micro- Molding
Moderator: Tim Erwin, Pitney Bowes

Session 4: Emerging Molding Technologies and Novel Hardware
Moderator: Amos Golovoy, AG Research

Workshop: Multi-Materials Molding
Workshop Leader: John Catalano, Fairway Molds, Inc.

Session 5: Manufacturing Cells: How to Add Value to Injection Molding Services
Moderator: Hermann Plank, The Tech Group