Past Conference

Nanocomposites 2007

September 5-7, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Enabling Technologies and New Markets

Conference Sessions

Session 1: Toxicity and Safety of Nanomaterials
Moderator: Prof. Lajos Balogh, SUNY Buffalo

Session 2: Novel Preparation and Manufacturing Methods
Moderator: Prof. Sadhan C. Jana, University of Akron

Session 3: Nanocomposites for Nanodevices and Energy Applications
Moderator: Alex W. Kawczak, Battelle Memorial Institute

Session 4: Properties and Characterization
Moderator: Prof. Fengge Gao, Nottingham Trent University

Session 5: Nanomaterials for Tissue Engineering Applications
Moderator: Prof. Miriam Rafailovich, SUNY Stony Brook

Session 6: Commercial Applications: Industrial & Consumer Applications
Moderator: Tom Hughes, Zyvex Performance Materials