Past Conference

Plastics in Motion 2007

May 2-4, 2007 in Rome, Italy

World Automotive Congress

Conference Sessions

WORKSHOP: Thermoforming & in-mold graining of Automotive Plastics
Workshop Instructor: Andrew J. Eavis, Thompson Plastics (UK)

Session 1: Emerging Automotive Markets and Design Trends
Moderator: Harry Daalmans, Sabic Europe

Session 2: Plastics in Automotive Interior: Materials, Design, and Processing
Moderators: Rose Ryntz, Collins & Aikman, and Frank Krabbenborg, Dow Automotive

Session 3: Plastics in Automotive Exterior: Materials, Design, and Processing
Moderators: Kamel Makhlouf, Nissan Europe, and Kees Verbraak, Sabic Europe

Session 4: Safety, Environmental, and Legislative Issues
Moderators: Rob Tol, Toyota Europe, and Kai Kallio, Volvo

Session 5: Plastics in Engine compartment
Moderator: Suresh Shah, Delphi

Session 6: Value-added Automotive Plastics via Additives & Modifiers
Moderator: Sahar Al-Malaika, Aston University