Past Conference

TPOs in Automotive 1999

October 25-27, 1999 in Novi, Michigan

Conference Sessions

Session 1: Global Business Trends and Market Outlook
Moderator: Harry Daalmans, DSM Polymers

Session 2: Exterior Applications and Advanced TPOs Processing
Moderator: Aaron Ford, BP Amoco

Session 3: Automotive Interior Applications of TPOs
Moderator: Lou LaMarca, The Haartz Corporation

Session 4: Advances in TPOs Performance and Characterization
Moderator: Richard Clark, Luzenac America

Session 5: Emerging Materials: Challengers to TPOs
Moderator: Amos Golovoy, Ford Motor Company

Session 6: Advances in Surface Treatment, Paintability and Adhesion
Moderator: Russ Pierce, Red Spot Paint