Past Conference

TPOs in Automotive 2004

June 2-3, 2004 in Barcelona, Spain

Conference Sessions

Session 1: Global Business Trends and Market Outlook
Moderator: Harry Daalmans, SABIC EuroPetrochemicals

Session 2: Advances in Automotive Applications of TPOs
Moderator: Frank Krabbenborg, Dow Automotive

Session 3: Advances in Processing and Manufacturing of TPOs
Moderator: Amos Golovoy, AG Research

Session 4: Advances in Surface Treatment, Paintability & Adhesion
Moderator: Voytek Gutowski, CSIRO, Australia

Session 5: Novel TPO Materials and Characterization
Moderator: Kees Verbraak, SABIC EuroPetrochemicals

Session 6: Performance Additives and Modifiers: Bringing New Value to TPOs
Moderator: Prof. Sahar Al-Malaika, Aston University