What people say about the annual molding conferences:

"Technically rich conference, I learned a lot. Great diversity of presenters and attendees, I made many new and valuable contacts. Fantastic venue. I hope to be back in 2014."
Ed Jamison, Tooling Manager, Home Design Products

"I thought this was certainly one of our better conferences and have been using some of what I heard on Improving Your Business to ferret out waste in our company."
Tim Erwin, Plastics Spectrum Group

"Amos, Great conference. I have forwarded to our management to pencil it in on the calendar for next year."
Steve Byrnes, Business Manager, Incoe

"Thank you for hosting another splendid conference. I enjoyed the networking, some "green" presentations, and enjoy such awesome weather and food options around New Orleans."
David Preusse, President, Whittman-Battenfeld

"I enjoyed speaking and meeting new people at the conference as well as old acquaintances. I liked the mix of business and technical presentations."
Lynn Momrow, President, Extreme Molding

"It was both an honor and pleasure to participate in Molding 2013 and I look forward to keeping in touch with you."
Max Leone, Currier Plastics

"I had an enjoyable time and was impressed with the knowledgeable and wide ranging cross section of the audience. I am looking forward to continue to collaborate with you in future."
Paul Boettger, Technoject Machinery

"I enjoyed my trip to New Orleans and meeting a number of people in the industry."
Ed Cathey, Nypro

"Our success at Molding 2012 was appreciable and I look forward to New Orleans. The opportunity to present to industry more than paid for the efforts to attend. Kudos to Amos!"
Robert Knaster, Plastic Metal USA Ltd.

"The Molding 2012 event in Miami went well for CGI 3D scanning. Iím glad that we exhibited at the event."
Craig Crump, President, CGI.

"It is THE place to be for the plastics industry, when it comes to new technologies, trends and networking."
Hermann Plank, Managing Director, Milacron Inc.

"The conferences are very professional with focused presentations."
Greg Roembke, President, Roembke Mfg & Design

"I have attended several molding conferecnes by ECM and also given technical presentations. They bring very informative and current topics with very knowledgeable speakers. I would highly recommend these conferences to attend. It is also great place for networking. You will find very few focus conferences like this."
Suresh Shah, Senior Technical Fellow, Delphi

"Great conference and superb organization. Well done."
Robin Kent, Managing Director, Tangram Technology Ltd.

"Cinpres has participated in 4-5 Molding Conferences over the past years and have found them to be a consistently well-run and organized event. They do a remarkable job attracting pertinent technology presentations from many of the leading companies in the plastics industry. Equally as impressive is the caliber of attendee for this annual event. I would recommend that companies send their engineering, manufacturing and business development leaders to this conference to stay on top of our industry."
Kevin Brady, National Sales Manager, North America, Cinpres Gas Injection

"The Molding Conference presents excellent papers to Injection molding companies."
Uwe Haupt, Sales, Arburg

"Great conference. Really liked the topics, especially Robin's Energy Mgmnt workshop. The series of short (1/2 hour) presentations on a common theme were fantastic."
Eric D. Paules, Vice President, Crescent Industries

"I found the conference very informative."
Cory Pierson, Ticona

"Amos Golovoy's Plastics Seminars/meetings are the best in the industry. He brings in excellent speakers whose topics are informative and current. I would highly recommend these conferences."
Bill Tobin, owner, WJT Associates

"Great conference with terrific speakers."
Tim Stojka, President, Agentis Energy

"The molding conferences are consistently well-organized and well-attended. The speakers are esteemed professionals who represent a diversity of companies, positions, and nationalities, ensuring that the content presented is varied, interesting, and current."
Stacey Hirvela, Senior Associate Editor, Omnimedia